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Hi, I'm Jett Nixon

Our son Jett was born in September 2009. He was a very quiet baby and slept a lot. We thought we were blessed with the ‘perfect’ child but from around 4 months we were concerned as he didn’t smile, babble or give us any eye contact. We continued on, but grew further concerned as Jett was not reaching ‘normal’ milestones. His muscle tone was so low that he was floppy and needed to be supported up until age 1. Jett never smiled, laughed or responded to his name. He was also suffering from constant ear infections and had his first grommet surgery at 14 months old.

We took Jett to the specialist and were advised he was just a typical boy and a little bit slower but as time went on we knew in our hearts that he was different. Jett would bite himself and others. He would scream and arch his back in frustration. He didn’t like loud noises or vibrations. He didn’t seem to feel heat or pain like I did. He constantly drooled and didn’t speak. We started occupational, physio, music and speech therapy when he was 15 months old.

Fast forward a couple of years and Jett has been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) He has improved so much from all of the hard work we have put in by doing daily therapy with Jett at home and with professionals. At 3 and a half, Jett has finally started to use words, he is walking and he uses eye contact and to top it off he smiles!

He still has quite a long way to go. He has been assessed as being half his age mentally. Jett has been having seizures which we are currently investigating through EEG’s and a neurologist. He still uses nappies and can’t feed himself with utensils, But with the early intervention program we have set up our goal is to prepare him to start a mainstream primary school in 2015.

Jett has a sensory processing disorder, PICA, global developmental delay, Seizures, Constant ear infections, anxiety, speech problems and behavior issues. We are fortunate enough to have Jett enrolled at AEIOU (Autism Early Intervention Outcome Unit) All funds raised will cover Jett’s fees, which are $47,000 per year before government and centre and leaves us $27,000 out of pocket

We hope to raise money to put towards his occupational therapy and speech therapy as they are our main concern at this stage.

You can follow Jett’s Journey on his facebook page!/JettiSpaghetti

We can see that Jett will reach his goals if he continues to get the support he needs. So if anyone can put some money towards Jetts therapy funding we would appreciate it immensely with sugar and cherries on top!!! Thank you.

Love Julia, Daniel, Sienna and Jett xxxx

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