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'Sean and Scott’s 7km swim for Cruz' 

Sean & Scott are going to swim 7km to try and raise $7K for little Cruz on Saturday 28 March!

Cruz is a smiling 6 year old boy, born with multiple Chromosomal disorders and syndromes that have left him facing severe gastro intestinal problems, requiring numerous surgeries with sometimes horrific complications. He has been unable to eat or drink anything orally since 3 weeks of age. He also has a genetic duplication 12q24.11 which has left Cruz with a tethered spinal cord greatly affecting his lower body functions. Cruz also has considerable developmental delays with learning, speech and is still learning to walk, stand and crawl.

We, Scott & Sean, have decided to fundraise for Cruz because, on top being faced with these challenges, despite Cruz being born in Australia, his parents are NZ citizens and therefore Cruz does not qualify for the NDIS until he turns 10 and can become an Australian citizen.

This means all his Physio, Speech Therapy, specialised equipment is all out of pocket for his loving parents and a great strain on the family financially.

So, we are going to push ourselves to the brink in the pool and swim 7km to raise $7k to try and help ease the financial burden a little for Cruz’s family with all his supports.

to support our effort and help Cruz keep pushing through his challenges!


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