Family Care and Support

About Family Care and Support

The vision of Sunshine Butterflies is for individuals living with disability and their families to be well supported, included and cared for throughout their life and within their community, and to never feel alone.

We pride ourselves on caring not just for our members, but also providing much needed support for their families.

Here at Sunshine Butterflies we provide information and resources to families via our family care program so that families can be directed, informed, educated and supported when ever they are in need of assistance. 

Sunshine Butterflies focuses on providing families with respite options, education, advice and information around specialised equipment, aids, therapy and recreational opportunities.

Our family support staff are here to listen, offer support and share information on issues related to caring for someone with a disability. If you would like to talk to someone on our team or need help in the future, please Contact Us

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To find our more information about Family Care and Support, please contact our team.

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