'Have a Chat'

About 'Have a Chat'

Our Sunshine Butterflies support group, 'Have a Chat', offers regular weekly catchups for families living with a disability.

'Have a Chat' is held at several locations throughout the Sunshine Coast, providing support for parents, grandparents and anyone caring for a person with a disability or chronic medical condition.

The support group provides workshops, information sessions and guests speakers to cover topics relevant to disability, allowing parents, family members and carers to gain useful information in a supportive environment and socialise, share ideas and exchange tools and tips from others who understand the caring role.

What 'Have a Chat' offers:

- Parent to parent, family to family or carer to carer support
- Up to date information about services and support
- Regular guest speakers
- Practical advice and ideas
- Activities that are 'All About You'

Please Contact Us for locations, dates and times.

Please note: Times are subject to change and we do not run the group during school holidays.

Interested in 'Have a Chat'?

To find our more information about 'Have a Chat', please contact our team.

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