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Transitioning from school to community living... if you are a school leaver, our programs can provide support to help you make your transition from school to community living and adult life easier. If you wish to develop new skills to gain further education and employment opportunities, we can help you with this too!

Independent Living- do you have a dream to live independently and be part of your community? We can assist you to make the most of your abilities and help you develop your self-confidence and self-reliance by providing training, resources and information, so you can take control of your life to live independently and feel safe in your community.

Transport- let us teach you about being independent, confident and safe on public transport.

Personal Grooming- we can assist you develop a healthy lifestyle, a positive outlook and teach you about your health needs such as hygiene, diet and fitness.

Capacity and Life Skill Training- support and development of individual's skills from budgeting through to meal preparation.

Create Your Own Business- is a model developed to create self employment and purpose for individuals who may have difficulties finding work within their community. Creating your own business develops skills, self esteem and confidence while creating a sense of inclusion doing what you love.

Fitness, Sport and Recreation- if you're into keeping fit and enjoy the gym, hiking, bike riding, tennis and just general fitness, Sunshine Butterflies can offer you a support buddy so you can participate in more of the things you want to do... Maybe you just want to go to the local footy games and support your favourite team. We'd love to get you involved in your local club or community group.

Surf skills and beach safety- Sunshine Butterflies can help you to develop your skills, to enjoy a safe day at the beach.

Community Volunteering if you're looking for support to help you give back to your community in a volunteering role, we are able to help you achieve your goal and get involved.

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